There's two primary ways to collect eggs in Hatchlings.

  • Click on friends baskets that pop up
  • Enter the Power Mode and collect 100 eggs each time, also higher chance of getting super rares

Old VersionEdit

This page or text refers to something that was removed when moving to the new Hatchlings version

Collecting eggs involves checking user baskets for nests with eggs. There are three ways to go about this.

  • Visit each Facebook profile of friends who have authorized the Hatchlings application. Least efficient method as profile boxes can be moved around and many people do not even add the Hatchlings box.
  • Go to the Hatchlings application and visit the link to "Friends with Hatchlings". Can be quick, but non-premium members will have to deal with moving advertisement boxes.
  • Visit baskets directly. Fastest method when done "right". See Bookmarking Technique below.

Bookmarking Technique

Only efficient with browsers that support tabs and opening several at once!

  1. Create a series of bookmark folders in your browser, one for every three to seven friends you have on Hatchlings, depending on how fast your internet connection and computer are.
  2. Visit each friends basket and add the link to one of your bookmark folders.
  3. When you are ready to hunt, right-click on the first bookmark folder and select the option equivelant to "open all in tabs". Note: Be careful of having other tabs open while doing this, they may be recycled by your browser.
  4. When you have gone through the baskets from the first bookmark set, do the same for the next set. Keep going until you have processed all the sets.
  5. If you have few friends or are doing power hunting, you may want to go through the sets a few times.

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